Registration Open for: Current Families

 Hello! Registration is open for CURRENT and PAST Children's Garden families.

Registration for NEW families on the 20-21 mailing list will open Jan 25th (from 10-2 for in-person registration OR 3:00 p.m. for online registration). Questions? Thanks!


Welcome to our online registration system. There are 3 steps to complete your 2020-2021 registration. 

Step 1: Read through the Registration Contract. 

Step 2: Select a Class Option and pay deposit. (click Enroll & pay)

Step 3: Fill out the Registration Information and Agreement. (click Submit)

Please complete all steps back to back to ensure your spot is reserved. In August, you will receive an email from us with details for the Open House (September 8th) and First Days (September 9th and 10th, 2020). Emails will come from Thank you for registering for our school! We are looking forward to an exciting year with your child! 

- Sara and Shaun Brentrup

Step 1: Read through contract terms below

2020-2021 Registration Contract

Terms of 2020 - 2021 Registration Contract:

• By signing this contract, I am enrolling my child in Children’s Garden Preschool, Inc. for the 2020-2021 school year, which begins on September 9th, 2020 and ends May 21st, 2021. Classes begin the first Wednesday after Labor Day and run through mid-May with a 2-week break over the holidays. Other dates off typically coincide with Minot Public days off and/or federal holidays, although there are some variations so please check the official calendar you are given at the beginning of the school year.

• I understand that upon registering my child, I must pay one tuition payment. Spots will not be held without a tuition payment. This tuition payment is non-refundable, but will be used as the September 2020 tuition payment. Other than tuition, there are no other required fees to be paid. Registration fees, snacks, supplies, field trips, and events are included in the monthly tuition. There are a total of 9 payments to be made. The registration deposit covers one of those 9 payments.

• I agree to pay in advance for preschool. When the school year begins, I can choose to pay the remaining tuition in full within the first week of school or I can sign up for monthly ACH payments for the remaining 8 payments (one each month September through April). Monthly payments will be deducted on the 10th of each month. I also have the option to pay via credit card if paying in full.

• I agree to follow the school’s Pull-Out Policy described below. Because we fill our spots quickly, we end up turning many families away. We do take names for a waiting list, but these families typically go on to find another preschool. This makes it difficult to fill spots at the last minute. If you decide not to send your child to Children’s Garden Preschool, Inc., you will owe a drop fee. This policy also applies if you pull out while the school year is in session, because it is a difficult process to add new students part way through the year.  Military families can contact us regarding a military policy for PCS orders. We do look at each case (military family or not) and evaluate on a case by case basis.

• Pull Out Policy: I understand that if I pull out between the date signed and August 1st, 2020, I will owe a $100 drop fee. If I pull out from August 1st, 2020 through the end of the school year, I will owe a $200 drop fee. (If you provide us with a 45 day notice, we will reduce the drop fee to $100)

• I understand that there is no return of fees paid if a child is ill or fails to attend.

• I agree to pay overtime fees of $5 for every 5 minutes I am late to pick up my child. Pick up times: 11:10 - 11:20 a.m. & 2:35 - 2:45 p.m.

• I understand that a $20 fee will be added on all payments made with non-sufficient funds due to fees faced by the school for NSF accounts.

• I understand that my child must be potty trained, wear underwear and be able to use the bathroom independently.

• The corporation has the right to cancel any and all classes if needed due to low enrollment or any other reason. Deposits would be returned.

• I will attend the Open House on Tuesday, September 8th and pick up all of my paperwork. The paperwork will be turned in on my child’s first day of school along with my child’s vaccination record or exemption form. 

• I will abide by the policies set in the Policy Book which I will receive at the Open House.

• I understand that I must pay my deposit online before submitting my contract.

• I understand that my electronic signature is being used as an agreement to the terms of this contract when enrolling online.


Step 3: Complete Enrollment Form & Sign electronically

2020-2021 Registration Information & Agreement