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About Us


Children's Garden Preschool is an interactive, inclusive, and innovative preschool located in Minot, North Dakota. 

We offer a literacy-rich, STEAM focused environment for children three to six years old.


{Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math}


At Children’s Garden Preschool, learning is a natural experience that occurs through each day’s activities. Our lessons and activities are developmentally and age appropriate for preschool children. We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles, and abilities. We give children a wide variety of learning opportunities each day, providing time for learning through lessons and activities balanced with time for learning through independent exploration and play. Our number one goal at Children’s Garden Preschool is to provide a structured, welcoming and fun learning environment for ALL!


Our curriculum uses a multiple intelligences approach to teaching and provides a balance of teacher-directed and child-led activities. Our unique curriculum has been self-created to pull in the best parts from different preschool styles including Montessori (free play exploration, structure & order, natural elements), Waldorf (arts, hands-on science, music), High Scope (large and small group time, transitions, active participation), Reggio Emilia (classroom environment, role of adult, self expression) etc. We try to present our material in as many ways as possible in an effort to reach every child and appeal to the individual learning style for each child. We continuously self-evaluate our curriculum and update it as necessary. All of our activities can be adapted to meet the specific needs and/or abilities of each student.

Classes and Registration

Jr. Preschool Classes

Our Junior Preschool Program was developed to give young children their first exposure to a school setting. These classes are for children 3-4 years old who are two years away from Kindergarten.

Preschool Classes

The goal of our Preschool Program is to prepare the students for Kindergarten in a fun, hands-on way. Preschool classes are open to children 4-6 years old who plan to start Kindergarten Fall of 2019.


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