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Welcome to the online home of Children's Garden Preschool, Inc. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to learn about our school. We're glad you are here!

We are an interactive, inclusive, and innovative preschool located in Minot, North Dakota offering classes for children three to six years old. We offer a literacy-focused, STEAM method that nurtures the whole child.


{Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math}



At Children’s Garden Preschool, learning is a natural experience that occurs through each day’s activities. Our lessons and activities are developmentally and age appropriate for preschool children. We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles, and abilities. We give children a wide variety of learning opportunities each day, providing time for learning through lessons and activities balanced with time for learning through independent exploration and play. Our number one goal at Children’s Garden Preschool is to provide a structured, welcoming and fun learning environment for ALL!



Our curriculum uses a multiple intelligences approach to teaching and provides a balance of teacher-directed and child-led activities. Our unique curriculum has been self-created to pull in the best parts from different preschool styles including Montessori (free play exploration, structure & order, natural elements), Waldorf (arts, hands-on science, music), High Scope (large and small group time, transitions, active participation), and Reggio Emilia (classroom environment, role of adult, self expression).  We try to present our material in as many ways as possible in an effort to reach every child and appeal to the individual learning style for each child. We continuously self-evaluate our curriculum and update it as necessary. All of our activities can be adapted to meet the specific needs and/or abilities of each student.

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What makes our program unique?

 Our classroom activities, books, lessons, 

toys, decor, etc promote:

*Cultural Diversity

*STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

*Early Literacy Development

*Multiple Intelligence Integration

*Natural Learning (learning through everyday experiences)

*Social Emotional Learning

*Character Development


*Problem Solving Techniques

*Large and Small Motor Development

*Community Outreach and Partnerships

*Health and Wellness


*And much more!


Daily Routine

Consistent routines help preschoolers feel safe in their setting and aid in the development of self-control. 

Our Daily Routine:

* Arrival/Fine Motor Activities/Journaling

* Circle Time/Opening/Yoga

* Lesson/Large Group Learning

* Playtime/Small Group Art & Crafts

* Clean Up

* Transition Game/Wash Hands

* Snack Time

* Clean Up/Pack Mail/Quiet Book Time

* Outdoor Play if possible

* Story Time

* Music and Movement

* Good Bye Song

Children receive about an hour of free play time each day to explore our classroom centers.


Everyday Experiences

* Playtime in Centers *

At our preschool, children learn through hands-on activities and lessons, and through their play in our classroom centers. Our centers include Home Living/Dramatic Play, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Reading, Blocks/Building, Art/Writing, Sensory Play, Music/Movement, and more. We also have a dramatic play/theme area in each classroom that rotate monthly. We fill each center with carefully selected toys and equipment that align with our curriculum and philosophy.

* Art, Dance, Music *

We believe exposure to the fine arts is important in early childhood education. We provide children time for creating art, singing and dancing every day. Some activities are teacher-directed, while others open-ended and child led. We also play various genres of music during playtime to expose the students to a wide variety of child-friendly music.

* Gross Motor Activities *

Throughout the day we provide activities that allow children to use their large muscles and gross motor skills. These activities include yoga, movement games, action songs, balance beam practice, outdoor activities and walks. 

* Circle Time *

Once children have arrived, we begin our day with our circle time activities. During this time we greet each other, choose the day’s helper, discuss the calendar and weather, talk about the day's activities and do yoga to soft music. We have found that starting the day with yoga relaxes the children and helps them remain calm and peaceful throughout the day.

* SMART Board *

Our classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards! This interactive technology provides endless learning opportunities that engage children with all different types of learning styles. We use these touch screen white boards during our daily circle time, for class presentations and for our daily transition game as a way to support our learning and to expose the children to technology they will find in the elementary school classroom.

* Snack Time *

Sharing a snack together with classmates is an important part of our day. Snacks are included with your child's tuition; there is no extra fee to pay. Our snacks often reinforce our classroom lessons and on many days, are part of our day's curriculum. We want all children to feel included during snack time! We make the snacks work for your child's individual needs. We have experience working with children who are on special diets including gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, etc. We also have experience working with children with diabetes and those with severe food allergies. 

Our snacks include veggies and dip, pretzels, fruit, nut-free trail mix, crackers, gluten-free cereals, tortillas, dried fruit mix, etc. Water is available throughout the day at our child-height water fountains.

Children are welcome to bring a snack to share for their birthday or half birthday. A note will be sent home letting you know when we will be celebrating your child's birthday.


Jr. Preschool Classes

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

Our Junior Preschool Program was developed to give young children their first exposure to a school setting. These classes are for children 3-4 years old who are two years away from Kindergarten.


Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

The goal of our Preschool Program is to prepare the students for Kindergarten in a fun, hands-on way. Preschool classes are open to children 4-6 years old who plan to start Kindergarten Fall of 2021.


Look Around

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Classes

Look Around

Be sure to watch our slideshow!

Three hours of preschool made into a 3 minute video to let you see the routine of the day. Also, check out the gallery for pictures of our rooms and activities.